Current Status and Disclaimers

The Developer’s Guide included at the end is work in progress. It is incomplete, but the information that is included is valid. Please check back frequently for updates if you are developing code for Flash-X

Maintaining a large and complex code like Flash-X is challenging. This is especially true because a great deal of performance portability layer is currently in the process of being hardened for production use and not all of its interfaces are finalized. Therefore, it is extremely important for the developers to read through the section on Good Practices for Maintenance to ensure that their contributions will not need large amounts of refactoring later.

Additionally, some portions of Flash-X are undergoing rapid development because of which their description in the users’s guide may become out of date periodically. The status of all major components, and persons who can give most up-to-date information about the corresponding component are listed in below.


Setup tool

Tom Klosterman / Klaus Weide

may be out of date


Klaus Weide / Tom Klosterman

likely to be current


Rajeev Jain




Akash Dhruv

Anshu Dubey

Sean Couch

Eirik Endeve

Austin Harris

Rajeev Jain

Jared O’Neal

Klaus Weide